Yes, VestedNation welcomes all investors.

Anyone can invest with VestedNation.  

Each Offer has it’s own Price per unit (share), Price of one unit is the minimum investment amount needed.

VestedNation is an online investment platform for yielding real estate, 
VestedNation gives investors the ability to:
Browse investment offerings based on investment preferences including location, 
asset type, risk and return profile;
Transact entirely online, including digital legal documentation, 
funds transfer, and ownership recordation;
Manage and track investments easily through an online portfolio;
receive automated distributions and/or interest payments, and regular financial reporting.

Start by signing up to our platform, 
Once investor signed up access is granted to his/hers personal Back Office system, where the investor is able to track and manage investments, as well as view available investments offered by VestedNation. 
First step investor select the offers he/she has interest in, by adding the offer into ‘Watch List’. 
Once the investor would like to commit and proceed with purchasing the offer in his/hers ‘Watch List’ the investor clicks on ‘Commit to offer’ to begin the purchasing process, 
Investor would be contacted by VestedNation representative. 

Investors receive complete updates regarding every aspect of their investments right from VestedNation Back Office System, including each and every income/expense generated by the real estate property their investment is backed by. 
Also, Investors are welcome to contact VestedNation via phone call or email with any query that may occur.

When can I expect a return on my investment and how will it be distributed?
VestedCrowd uses a unique model for our yielding investment backed by real estate, the offered investment are back by a single family home, generating rental income prior to investor’s investments. 
As soon as offer has been sold all offered units (35 or less per property) investors start receive returns on their investments. 
Dividends are distributed on quarterly basis, distributing 100% of the Net profits generated by the property between all the shareholders. 
Returns amounts, percentage and cash flow calculations presented to future investors prior to their investments are calculated based on the accurate amounts each property currently generates. 
Ensuring investors realistic and accurate expectations for their investments.

Since VestedNation does not limit any investor to invest in VestedNation's offered investments, investors should consult their independent tax advisor for specific questions regarding tax treatment in their country of residence. 

Properties are located in the state of Florida, USA. 

VestedNation handpick single family homes, Fully renovated and tenants occupied. 
These properties are used as yielding source for investor’s real estate investments. 
The properties VestedNation choose to offer our investors are the best yielding properties available as well as the properties with the best equity gain estimates for the coming years. 
Ensuring investors immediate income from rent properties already generate, and carrying bright estimates estimates regarding future equity gain for additional profits to be made by investments.

How often should investors expect to receive distributions?
Dividends are distributed in full to all shareholders in each offer on quarterly basis, distributing the complete amount of NET profits made by property during the past quarter.

Investors invest into single family property. 
Each offer (property) is divided into 35 (or less) units being offered to investors. 
Shareholders of the offered units are the actual and registered owners of the entire property. 

Yes, the complete ownership is being divided between all the shareholders of that specific property.

All communication between our users and the website is encrypted and secured using HTTPS and SSL/TLS. We encrypt all sensitive personal information using the AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.

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