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An affordable entry to real estate investments

VestedNation offer its clients to generate profits through Investments backed by real estate. And with our unique format, everyone can become a real estate investor, regardless of your credit score. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of real estate investment. Investing with VestedNation doesnt have to involve neither a mortgage nor large amounts of money, in fact our method is the most affordable form to step into real estate investments field. Investments with VestedNation are made in a Group method, each Investment offer divided into units, these units being offered by VestedNation to a group of 35 investors, that together would form the complete ownership group over the real estate property the investment backed by. By composing each investment by units, purchase price becomes affordable even to individuals that never thought of themselves as acceptable candidates to become real estate investors. Reducing the needed amount to invest significantly, while generating the same relative profits a single cash buyer would generate. 

Restrictions Free, no commitments

A well-known fact is that the best real estate investments are the one made cash only, without involving interests charging funding institute such as a bank that would get in the investment and lower the amount of NET profits made from the investment by charging interest while also adding large, long-term commitment with many restrictions. And while few investors are financially able to do a cash only investment, even fewer are willing to invest very large amount of money, causing them eventually to either step away from an excellent real estate investment, or, involve a bank in the investment and lower the NET profits made from it.
Turning into a group investment method, such as the one offered by VestedNation cancels the need to use interest charging funding source, dividing profits only within the group of shareholders while the needed amount to invest stay low, much lower even with 80% bank mortgage. 

All investors welcome

Investments backed by real estate in a group method increases accessibility the investors from the entire range and welcomes them all into the safe, stable and profitable world of real estate investors. 
The newcomers to real estate investing world Investors that are aware to the benefits within a real estate investment, but are reserving themselves from participating due to their lack of the know hows, and the fear from stepping into an unknown investment with a very large capital. 
The unprovable investors - Investors with interest in investing, hold the needed capital for a down payment, but are unprovable for a mortgage due to less than perfect current credit score, and past mistakes they have committed with theirs financial behavior. 
Young investors - investors of young age, fearing to take the step into a large commitment to a 30 year bank mortgage. 
Experienced real estate investors - those who are looking for enlarging their properties portfolio, but are either unable or unwilling to perform a cash purchase and refuse to use a mortgage as a funding source (an experienced real estate investor knows the best real estate investments are the ones made with cash purchase)    
Anyone that wants his money to work better from him - in an age of close to 0 and sometimes even negative interest given by banks there is absolutely no reason to keep extra money in bank accounts that generate low or non gains. 
Adding diversification to an existing investments portfolio. 
Testing the waters of Real Estate investments world with a small capital. 
And even those who are looking for  a short-term investments with high returns and no bonding  restrictions on investments periods. 

Stable, Transparent and fruitful investments

Unlike other Investment companies that offers investment backed by real estate, with VestedNation the investor receives real perspective on the investment before the investment made. VestedNation only backs offered investment with hand-picked, fully renovated single family homes, and, already occupied with rent paying tenants. There is no vacancy period, there are no estimates on possible income from rent the properties may generate, and there is no need for after closing additional investments to renovate the properties.All investments are presenting its possible future investors with an exact, clear, and relevant outlook, so each investor could know exactly what his future profits would look like. And again, as soon as an investors group completed - the investors start generating profits from their investments. 

No restrictions

Also, liquidating an investment, can be made rapidly, if an investor is interested in liquidating his investment VestedNation would list his/hers unit to sale, if no sale has occurred within 30 days the investor has requested it, VestedNation would buy the unit from the investor.

Management makes the difference

All properties are being handle by a carefully selected management company, that is making sure each property being handled in the best, most efficient form. Generating the investors the largest amounts of profits. 

Equity gain

Equity gain is also something investors should consider as secondary profits generating method within the original investment.Also, while income from rent collected on monthly basis, generating investor with immediate returns on their investments, there is also equity gain. As time goes by the properties are gaining equity, which belongs to the investors in each investment group. Once every 6 month an appraisal on the property’s real market value being made and presented to investors. Once an investor decides to liquidate his investment, the price he receives backed by most recent appraisal made. All of the properties VestedNation choose to base its investments on carry very bright estimates regarding the equity gain for the proximate 3, 5 and 10 years lookouts. 

Ensuring peace of mind

VestedNation provides its investors with a leading system, from which each investor can watch his/hers investment from the comfort of his home regardless of his/hers physical location. Investing in the areas that generate the largest returns, and being informed in every moment about the progress of the investment, just as if the property investment backed by is located next to the investor.

Vested Nation Bringing Investors Together

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